Helping with Skin Conditions

Helping with Skin Conditions

The unique combination of natural essential oils in our recipe has been used to help flare-ups associated with conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis for centuries.

How it Works


Shea butter and olus oil - rich in fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6, vitamin E and anti-inflammatory agents such as vitamin A - are the ideal ingredients to provide immediate relief and soothe irritated skin.


Benzoin, clove, nutmeg and cinnamon natural essential oils help to promote tissue renewal and healing thanks to their natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.


Lanolin, which is a deeply nourishing oil found in sheep's wool (from a certified cruelty-free source) protects the skin's moisture barrier, in turn creating the optimal environment for skin to hydrate and heal more quickly.


Miracle balm for eczema

I have now been using this miracle balm for a year and I can honestly say it is one beauty product I will not be without. While in the short term Pommade Divine really calmed down my eczema and soothed the skin, with continued use I have seen real healing and long lasting results.

Improvement in two days

I cannot get over the improvement to my face in only 2 days. I have been on a course of steroids from the doctors which I am sure has also played a big part to my recovery so far however applying the balm a couple of times a day has made a significant difference, relieving the itching and allowing me to sleep, something I haven’t done in weeks properly. I am so thankful to have discovered this natural balm free from all the nasty’s many cosmetics and creams are filled with.

Thank you Pommade Divine

I have been using Pommade Divine for two days on my daughter's skin and it’s working a treat! Finally something that is taking her eczema away and is natural, not harsh like steroid creams!

Great for Eczema

I have a type of eczema that causes blistering which leads to very dry cracked skin , even the prescribed creams can sting a little when applied however there was no irritation from this product and one particularly hard to treat area has shown a marked improvement whilst using this product.


This stuff is amazing! No wonder there is a waiting list! I love using this on my lips, however, also really helps with any dry patches of skin - my psoriasis is constantly flaring up and this always seems to do the trick. Couldn't rate it highly enough! Buy now!

An eczema sufferer's dream

This product appears to have cleared up my problematic eczema on my arms, wrist and face! I'm not saying it's a miracle cure as my skin is so volatile that sometimes a tried and tested product that I have used for years suddenly stops being so effective. But it has worked for now and at £20 for a pot I think that it is a reasonable price to pay for clearer and less irritated skin and a definite boost to my confidence.


This really works on my skin! I have psoriasis and it helps calm it down and gets rid of the little patches!! Also helps with sore spots! Love this product a lot.

Wonder Balm

Ok so I’ve tried a million and one things for my psoriasis and to no avail. That was until this little beauty came into my life. Yes it makes my hair greasy as the psoriasis is on my scalp. But the cooling, soothing formula is soooo nice and it stops the itch!!! First time having relief in over 15 years.

Amazing for sensitive skin

I used this product when I had a hive on my forehead which was due to my massively sensitive skin. This went away almost immediately and my skin was fine for the rest of the day - very useful for issues like this!

Godsend +++++

I get really scaly hands due to stress/eczema/dehydration and this product is an absolute godsend. My hands actually feel nice to touch and even better nice to look at. I'm usually really insecure about them but I feel a lot better now :)

I am a little overwhelmed...

I have not severe, but persistent eczema and up until now, nothing has really solved it. Dream cream from lush has helped but I have to remember to put it on twice a day or it won't be effective. I've used this for three days and the patches on my arms have vanished and I am overwhelmed by how fantastic this balm is. It's quite light for a balm consistency and you don't need to use a lot. The smell is pleasant and the results are fantastic... I'm over the moon.

Skin felt amazing

This balm is simply wonderful! I suffer from very dry skin on my hands and psoriasis which can be very sore and unsightly! After a few uses of this balm, my skin felt amazing! Thank you for taking away my 'lizard hands' :)

A diaper bag must-have

This truly is an all purpose balm. I use it nightly on my baby's skin as she gets drool rash because of teething. When she wakes in the morning her skin is soft, smooth and free of any rash. This pot smells divine and I can't help using some on my lips every time. A diaper bag must have.

Superstar Pommade

I used this on sore hands after hard graft but was really wow'd after using it on my daughters verrucas on her foot. They completely dissolved after a few days. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It will now be a beauty and first aid essential for our family.

A miracle product for my dry and sore skin

I have eczema prone skin, and cracked sore fingers. I have used this cream on my face, and hands. The pommade is very gentle - no pain on my skin when I apply it, and it is not too heavy. Wonderful!

Magic in a tub!

Woke up this morning - my lips are soft and nourished, my spots are almost gone but my psoriasis is the best I have ever seen it in years, no treatment the doctors have given me for my face and scalp have ever got it this far. This is brilliant!!! Must buy! It is truly magic and a multi-purpose balm, use it on anything!

Best thing ever

I thought Elizabeth Arden has the monopoly on rescue balm - looks like I was wrong, this product is amazing! I suffer from hives, within seconds of putting this product on, my skin was back to normal, my lips have never been so moisturised and I used on my holiday to Iceland (-5 degrees, windy & snowing) and my skin didn't not suffer because of it! I will be recommending it to everyone who even whispered the word cream.

Incredible product

Words cannot describe how incredible this product is. It solves any and every problem (acne, damaged skin, dry lips, cuticles, and the list goes on...) leaving you feeling fresh and confident. Personally, I use it as an overnight spot treatment and it works like magic, healing everything in time for the morning.